How to File and Publish Your FBN

Getting Started
You are required to publish your FBN and to file an affidavit as proof of publication with the county clerk. We take care of both of those for you. The fee for publishing your FBN once a week for four consecutive weeks is $75. We do not charge a fee for filing the FBN; you pay only the County Recorder's Office fee ($35) for filing and name search. (If your business has more than one registered owner, the county charges an additional $7 for each additional owner.)

Follow these simple steps:
1) Complete the Fictitious Business Name Statement form. Easy-to-follow instructions are included with the form.

2) Print and sign the form. The county will not accept the form without an original signature.

3) Mail the completed and signed form to:

Contra Costa News Register
617 Main St.
Martinez, CA 94553

4) If your business name is a corporation or LLC, you must also send a copy of the Articles of Incorporation or article of Organization for that name.

Pay with your credit card online or by telephone.
Provide your payment information on our secure page or call us at (925) 934-2780 if would prefer to provide your payment information by phone. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We do the rest:
1) As soon as we receive your form, we will notify you by email. 2) We will file your form with the Contra Costa County Recorder's Office. The file number and file date will be included in your published notice. A certified copy of the file form will be mailed to you after it is filed with the county. 3) We will publish your FBN notice in the Contra Costa News Register once a week for four consecutive weeks, as required by law. 4) After the last date of publication, we will file a proof of publication with the county and mail a copy of the proof of publication to you. The process is complete when you receive your copy of the filed proof of publication.