When I started my new business, the News Register was the way to go. They had all the forms I needed right there - all I had to do was fill them out and they took care of the rest. There is literally nothing to worry about when you work with these ladies. Thank you, News Register, for making starting my business such a breeze.
- Candie Lally
C 2 Sand Vacations

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When you start a new business, the Contra Costa News Register will publish your FBN at the best price in the county - and we'll file your FBN for free. All you pay is the county filing fee.
Most websites send your FBN to a local newspaper and charge you an extra fee to handle the filing and publication. Not us. The News Register is a general circulation newspaper, so we publish your FBN ourselves. And we're just a few steps away from the County Recorder's office, so we'll file your FBN for you at no extra charge. We walk your filing and proof to the County Recorder's office, most other companies mail your information to the County Recorder's office, if your filing gets lost in the mail or takes longer than 30 days to get to the County Recorded you have to refile your FBN.
We are straightforward about our rates. You don't have to fill out a form just to get an "estimate." We invite you to compare our rates - and our service - against any other company that advertises on the Internet.

Our fees:
• Publishing your FBN once a week for four consecutive weeks = $75
• Filing your FBN proof of publication at the County Recorders office = Free
County fee:
• Contra Costa County fee for filing FBN
    statement and name search = $30
The total cost to you for both filing and publishing your FBN is $105. That's the best deal you can get.
• Additional business names or owners names are $7 each, if you have more than 4 additional names please give us a call..
FBN Filing Contra Costa County
We are standing by to help
If you have any questions, just give us a call. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you every step of the way. We are the local experts!
FBN Filing Contra Costa County
FBN Filing Contra Costa County FBN Filing Contra Costa County FBN Filing Contra Costa County
FBN Filing Contra Costa County